We feel we owe Americas Veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our country. After all who better deserves a leg up in pursuing the American dream than the men and women who make that dream possible for the rest of us?

With that said we will build any United States armed services veteran a free website. We also will extend this same offer to any active duty service person or their family members. Finally we want to help any veterans groups, including local DAV, VFW or other veterans service groups.

A simple Google search will show you hundreds of website companies that want to sell you an expensive website or a template site that will allow you to build a website. But why would you ever pay for a site or attempt to build your own when Onpoint will build you an amazing site for free?

We will design, code, write, and launch your website for you…100% FREE! Yes, The website is 100% FREE and we build it for you.

Do you really have the time and expertise to build your own website? Do you have the ability to create a site that works on any and all smart phones and tablets? Do you know how to keep the site code updated so your site continues to work perfectly in the future?

Our team has built almost 10,000 similar sites over the past decade. While working on larger and more expensive web projects, we discovered that thousands of businesses simply do not require complex websites to succeed.

We are proud to say that our websites are all American made.

Absolutely none of our work is outsourced overseas. Your free website will be built and supported in America by Americans. Our American creative and support teams are based in Boston, MA, Wolfeboro, NH, and Phoenix, AZ. Our staff is made up of hard working and creative coders, designers, copywriters, and web marketers who love what they do.

We speak to all our clients on the phone and in perfect English.

Regardless of if you choose to contact us or not we thank you for your service and sacrifice while keeping America free.